Making Herstory: NC Department's All-Female Arson Investigation Team

March 22, 2023
The Greensboro, NC, Fire Department arson investigators help protect the third largest city in North Carolina.

According to Zippia, roughly 12 percent of arson investigators in the United States are women. The other 88 percent who hold an arson investigator position are male. The U.S. Bureau of Statistics states that there are roughly 14,600 current paid arson investigators, meaning that there are only roughly 1,752 female fire investigators in the United States.

The Greensboro Fire Department is not only a department with a female investigator, but one that had all three of their arson investigators positions (A, B and C shifts) be female at one time. Bridget Crump, Vicky Martin and Jennifer Mann call themselves the Greensboro Charlie's Angels.

These arson investigators protect the third largest city in North Carolina and take pride in what they do. Not only do they have a full-time apparatus dedicated to their team, but they also have an Investigation Station from where they can respond to fires all over the city. This building is fully dedicated to the investigators. The newest name for this building is the House of Shadows. When asked about where the name came from, the response is that Shadow is what they called the arson investigator in the movie "Backdraft." Therefore, with multiple investigators, Greensboro has a House of Shadows.

Crump has been with the Greensboro Fire Department for more than 21 years. Of those 21 years, she has been an investigator for more than seven of them. She currently holds her International Certified Fire Investigator Certificate. 

Recently, Mann was promoted into a captain position and Sean Walker filled her position on the team. However, two of the three positions are still female. They now just have a Charlie to their Angels.

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