Salka to be Inducted into Firehouse Hall of Fame

Sept. 10, 2019
John J. Salka, Jr. will be inducted into the Firehouse Hall of Fame during the Firehouse Expo opening ceremonies in Nashville on Oct. 10.

Firehouse is proud to announce the newest member to be inducted into the Firehouse Hall of Fame: John J. Salka, Jr. The longtime distinguished Firehouse contributor will be honored during the Opening Ceremonies at Firehouse Expo on Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019, at 8 a.m. at Music City Center.

“We’re proud to name Chief John Salka as this year’s Firehouse Hall of Fame inductee,” said Peter Matthews, Firehouse’s editor-in-chief. “John’s ‘Get Out Alive’ program was instrumental in bringing hands-on training to Firehouse Expo and Firehouse World and his commitment to share critical skills and candid observations on the last page of Firehouse Magazine for the last 12 years shows his dedication to Firehouse’s readers and our attendees.”

Salka has been the author of The Fire Scene column in Firehouse Magazine since 2007 and also wrote a blog under the same name on 

He has instructed several FDNY training programs, including the department’s Probationary Firefighters School, Captain's Management Program and Battalion Chief's Command Course. He has also done work for the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health's Firefighter Fatality Investigations and Prevention Program and presents lectures and classes for corporate, military and fire service audiences across the U.S.

“The work that Chief Salka has done through his FDNY training programs and the NIOSH Program has saved countless lives and taught thousands how to be a better firefighter and leader,” Matthews said.

To be inducted into the Firehouse Hall of Fame, members must have 20 years of service and demonstrated accomplishments in the advancement of the fire service. 

Salka joins an impressive list of past honorees, including:

  • Rich Adams
  • Francis L. Brannigan
  • Alan Brunacini
  • Hal Bruno
  • Robert Burke
  • Dr. Harry Carter
  • Dennis Compton
  • Vincent Dunn
  • Harvey Eisner
  • Barry Furey
  • Paul F. Hashagen
  • John Norman
  • Dennis Smith
  • James Smith
  • Charles Werner
  • Mike Wilbur

Please join us at the Opening Ceremonies to welcome Chief Salka into the Firehouse Hall of Fame.

During the opening ceremonies, Curt Isakson will deliver his keynote address, "It's Worth the Risk" and Firehouse will honor the Michael O. McNamee Award of Valor and Tom Carr Community Service Award winners. For more information or to register, visit

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