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March 1, 2014

Hand-Held Tactical Light

STREAMLIGHT INC. has introduced the ProTac HL 3, a high-lumen (HL) light that delivers 1,100 lumens of bright-white light. Designed for operations requiring maximum illumination, the programmable, lithium battery-powered flashlight is the brightest addition yet to the company’s series of HL lights. The light uses a C4 LED to deliver 1,100 lumens, and 36,000 candela over a beam distance of 379 meters on the high setting. On low, the light offers 35 lumens, 1,200 candela and a beam distance of 69 meters. The light also offers a strobe mode.

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USB Charging Port

KUSSMAUL ELECTRONICS has introduced the USB Dual Charging Port Model 091-219, able to charge both an iPad and iPhone at the same time. The device provides two charging ports with a maximum output of 3 amps and is a convenient accessory to add to an indicator panel. The charging port is designed for easy installation and is reverse-polarity protected. The built-in LED indicates when the device is powered and the unit can be connected to a 12-volt switched ignition or directly to the battery.

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Transport Skid Unit

KIMTEK CORP. has introduced the MEDLITE transport skid unit for 2014 Yamaha Viking UTVs. The Viking FI 4X4 and the FI 4X4 EPS UTVs have a cargo bed capacity of 600 pounds, suited to carry the skid unit with attendant, patient and gear. With its modular, slide-in design and numerous adaptability features, the skid unit can be installed in the Yamaha Viking cargo bed in just minutes. The unit’s included tie-down system coordinates with the Viking’s integrated tie-downs already located in the cargo bed for fast, simple installation.

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Hands-Free Visor Light

ANSELL has introduced the Trellchem hands-free visor light system, offering first responders a built-in, hands-free LED lighting solution, designed to offer improved visibility and a safer working environment. The system is designed for use in hazardous materials, chemical, firefighting, police and military applications. Typical situations include visibility limited by smoke from the off-gassing of chemicals to the dark, non-lit space of an industrial building. With this new, integrated, lightweight lighting solution, emergency responders can focus on the mission without having their hands tied up by carrying a separate torch.

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Hazardous Materials Detector

908 DEVICES INC. has introduced the M908 portable mass spectroscopy device for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) detection. The hand-held tool uses high-pressure mass spectrometry (HPMS), providing first responders with speed, power and fidelity for CBRNE detection at the point of need. The unit gives immediate, actionable intelligence on high-priority threats through an intuitive interface designed for operation in full protective gear. Weighing just 3.75 pounds and providing analysis within one second, it is engineered to detect hazardous materials in bulk and trace forms.

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Custom Chassis

FERRARA FIRE APPARATUS has introduced the Ferrara Cinder custom chassis. The chassis has the same design and construction found in Ferrara’s Inferno and Igniter chassis, but is a 96-inch-wide cab designed to compete in the entry-level custom chassis market. The chassis features an extruded aluminum, roll cage sub-frame fortified by 3/16-inch thick, marine-grade aluminum plate walls, floor, ceiling, door panels and engine tunnel. Standard features include an Extreme Duty all-aluminum dash, instrument panel, glove box, overhead console and inner door panels; electric windows and Danhard extra-duty air conditioning system.

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Battery-Operated Smoke Generator

BULLEX has announced the release of the SG1000 battery-operated smoke generator, a portable device designed for adding smoke to training locations where power is not accessible. Firefighters can now conduct training anywhere, letting instructors expand their training capabilities to include specialized scenarios in locations without power. The unit is built on a steel chassis with rugged components and a sturdy handle. It can be operated using a single button with a gloved hand. Users can adjust smoke density and create smoke bursts or set the output to continuous run.

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Hand-Crank Hose Reels

REELCRAFT has introduced the Series CH37000 heavy-duty hand-crank hose reels, designed for applications requiring longer lengths of one-inch inner-diameter hose. The design of the reels helps to eliminate possible bearing misalignment due to heavy vibration in mobile applications by using a static oil light bearing. The one-inch solid main shaft connects to the spindle to form a rigid connection from side to side. The slotted spool provides a smooth transition for the hose. The new reel design is also available in electric motor-driven models (EH37000) and bevel-crank models (BH37000).

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Wired Communications For Confined Spaces

LEADER has introduced LEADER Com, a hands-free communications system designed for use in extreme conditions. The system ensures continuous, reliable and clear communications between the safety attendant and members of teams engaged in confined space entry, particularly when working in noisy environments and where other conventional communications will not work. Fire departments and technical rescue teams can use the system in extrications and in high-angle, confined-space and underground rescues. Up to 10 team members can be connected on the system.

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