The Buzz on Technical Rescue 9/11

Aug. 1, 2011

With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 taking place this month, our focus has been on remembering those from our emergency response family who made the ultimate sacrifice on that day. We have also taken a look at where we are today and how the events of that day guided us along the way.

This year’s Roundtable Podcast topic at Firehouse Expo was “10 years later – Terrorism Preparedness & Response.” Joining me for the session were Chief Rich Bowers of Montgomery County, MD, Fire & Rescue; Deputy Assistant Chief John Norman III (ret), FDNY; and Firefighter Mike Donahue of New Jersey USAR Task Force 1. Each panelist provided in-depth knowledge related to how that day impacted his department and the emergency response community as a whole. Great information and shared experiences from everyone involved made it an educational and informative session.

Continuing with our coverage of the various components of USAR teams, we spoke with K9 handler Greg Gould from New York USAR Task Force 2 on the unique skills and benefits that these specialized components of a response team bring to an incident. Greg explained the dog’s duties with the team and provided insight to the level of commitment the handlers of these dogs take on as part of their responsibilities.

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