Suspect Arrested in Shooting of Florida Firefighter

March 24, 2008
The two were arguing before the incident.


Police have arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting of a Coral Springs firefighter.

Investigators said Ronald Khan and firefighter Robert Wood were arguing in the street in the 500 block of North 60th Way on Sunday night. According to police, Khan fired his gun, shooting Wood in the torso.

"I've worked with him on many occasions," said Mike Moser of the Coral Springs Fire Department. "He's a super nice guy, one of those guys that would do anything for a firefighter or a member of the public. He's very hardworking, always received outstanding reviews from his supervisors, never one of those guys that called out sick, always comes to work and always passionate about his job."

According to police, a go-kart was the source of the problem. Witness said Kahn was racing it down the street when Wood and his neighbors asked him to stop because it was loud and dangerous. The two men argued, and Wood allegedly pushed Kahn, who left and came back with a gun.

The violence happened right outside Jeff Koterba's window.

"One of them shot my friend right through the stomach," he said. "It went right through him for no reason, over a go-kart, over not riding the go-kart with three kids here. Anything could happen. It's just craziness. If you're going to come back, at least talk it out. There's no need to bring a gun into it."

Kahn's neighbors said they were surprised he'd do something like that.

"It's just nerve-wracking," Tracie Varricchio said. "I don't like that. He could do that to anybody in this neighborhood. I've got my youngest daughter out here all the time playing and I bring my grandchild. Imagine if he would've pulled a gun out and I had my kids out here."

Varricchio said she doesn't know much about Kahn, but she said he parties a lot.

"He brings a lot of people over and drinks a lot," she said.

Khan was arrested in Hollywood, charged with aggravated battery and bonded out of jail.

Wood, who is 42 years old, remains in intensive care. Firefighters from Coral Spring Fire Department said they're optimistic that Wood will make a full recovery.

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