Pilot Killed in Fiery Crash in Florida

July 8, 2008
The plane had engine problems.


The pilot of a small plane was killed Monday afternoon when his plane crashed just outside North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines Monday afternoon.

No one else was on board and no other injuries were reported.

Witnesses said the plane banked to the left and crashed nose-first into the ground moments after taking off.

The pilot experienced engine trouble moments after takeoff, said an airport spokesman. The fuselage landed next to a tennis court, then exploded into a ball of fire. Douglas Pohl, a doctor from Jupiter,was piloting a plane when it crashed in Pembroke Pines on Monday.

Officials said the plane is registered to Douglas Pohl from Jupiter, and have confirmed that Pohl was piloting the plane when it crashed.

Federal Aviation Administration officials investigating what caused the plane to crash.

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