Ex-Clark County, IN, Sheriff Continued to Spend Firefighters' Funds after Arrest, Cops Say

March 14, 2024
Major modifications have taken place at New Chapel Fire and EMS since the arrest of its co-founder last year.

Andrew Harp

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Mar. 13—JEFFERSONVILLE — A search warrant affidavit released Wednesday in the Jamey Noel case posits that the former Clark County sheriff continued to make purchases with firefighter funds even after his arrest and during the investigation.

Noel, co-founder of New Chapel Fire/EMS and leader of the Utica Township Volunteer Fire Fighters Association, is facing 25 felony charges for theft, public corruption, tax evasion and ghost employment. He was arrested on Nov. 8, 2023.

On March 8, Jamey Noel's daughter Kasey Noel was arrested and charged with nine felonies including theft and tax evasion. Jamey Noel's wife, Misty Noel, was arrested on Feb. 1 and charged with 10 felonies including theft and tax evasion.

Search warrants on Aug. 16, 2023 turned up several American Express receipts using Utica Township Volunteer Fire Fighters Association money and information was eventually sent on Jan. 18 from American Express indicating millions of dollars of personal purchases made by the family.

Jamey, Misty and Kasey Noel failed to report income, merchandise and services to the State of Indiana Department of Revenue of more than $3.5 million from 2018 to 2022, according to court documents.

In the affidavit, the American Express purchases and buying patterns were reviewed for Jamey, Misty and Kasey Noel. Larger purchases were categorized:

Jamey Noel Kasey Noel Misty Noel

Alcohol & Tobacco $75,334.07 $1,138.40 $621.52

Apartment Rental $21,236,36 $791.83

Beauty $27,651.57 $11,687.36 $125,693.35

Child Support $54,003.51

Clothing $213,116.75 $29,683.87 $165,151.44

Donations $27,722.76 $5,887.97

Education/Tuition $162,068.37 $32,421.98

Entertainment $64,433.78 $3,453.05

Food $228,536.82 $11,814.38 $46,551.61

Furniture & Decor $36,283.52 $9,480.54

Guns $4,516.40

Home Appliances $16,960.63

Jewelry $57,406.30 $2,083.58

Retail Stores $158,329.91 $7,028.88 $132,618.32

Time Share & Travel $327,862.55 $638.50 $13,282.45

Utilities $99,073.63 $1,093.49 $15,609.51

Health Care $16,054.15 $8,402.65 $16,370.66

PayPal $38,291.22 $15,368.52


Venmo $27,437.14 $15,397.41

The affidavit also states that the list of vendors from the purchases were compiled and contacted. Investigators contacted the Tom James Company, a high-end clothing store, and requested itemized receipts and invoices for purchases made by Jamey Noel. It appeared in the American Express receipts that Jamey Noel made purchases totaling $183,980.07 at the business.

Investigators were provided with detailed account statements from Feb. 6, 2012 to Dec. 28, 2023, and payment history from May 22, 2022 to Dec. 18, 2023.

The documents indicated Noel used the Utica Township Volunteer Fire Fighters Association American Express card to pay for suits, shirts, ties, socks, jewelry, shoes and gifts, according to court records.

It states that investigators were made aware that Noel bought a suit and other apparel from Tom James Company on Dec. 18, 2023, to be delivered on Wednesday, March 13, to his home in Jeffersonville, totaling $3,016.46 from the American Express card.

Investigators said they observed a Tom James employee delivering the items to Jamey Noel's home on Wednesday. The search warrant asked to seize any and all clothing purchased by Jamey Noel using the fire fighters association credit card.

Indiana State Police investigators were present at Jamey Noel's home Wednesday. As of Wednesday afternoon, no additional charges had been filed in the case.


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