Allegheny Township, PA, Wants its Money Back from Fire Company in Nearby County

June 12, 2024
An investigation is underway to determine how a fire company in Armstrong County received funds from the township.

Allegheny Township wants its money back from Leechburg Volunteer Fire Company.

The township's Board of Supervisors has opened an investigation into how a fire department in another county received a check for $10,015.67.

During a meeting on Monday, board chairman Jamie Morabito held up a copy of a check written out to the Armstrong County fire company on Aug. 13, 2023, KDKA reported.

"This money should have never left this township, and it will be returned," said Morabito. 

The check was marked for deposit for the Leechburg Volunteer Fire Company's Toys for Alle-Kiski Fund. It was signed by supervisor Mike Korns, then supervisor John Rennick Steele and then township manager Greg Primm. 

Township Solicitor Craig Alexander said since the board never voted to spend the money, the action was illegal.

Alexander said he'll ask the fire department to return the money to the township.


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