Funeral Services Set for La Crosse, IN, Firefighter who Died after Call

June 13, 2024
La Crosse Firefighter Kenneth Caldwell, 63, died after responding to a field fire on June 6.

Funeral services are set for Monday evening for a dedicated La Crosse firefighter who answered his final alarm recently.

Firefighter Kenneth Caldwell, 63, died at his residence on June 6 after responding to a field fire, according to the U.S Fire Administration. 

After the fire, he returned to the station and cleaned up the equipment. He mentioned to others that he was going to stop and get his mail on the way home.

That evening, he missed a work detail at the firehouse. On Friday, he failed to respond to a call.

Worried, firefighters went to his house on Sunday morning. They found him dead, and it appeared he collapsed while opening his mail.

He had been a firefighter for 23 years.

At 6 p.m. Monday the community and fellow firefighters will remember him at the Center of LaCrosse. 

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