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The Thermal Imagers product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching various firefighter and technical rescue thermal imagaing cameras including, FLIR, handheld thermal images, TICs, search and rescue technology options.
Operations & Training

Firefighter Responsibilities: Riding Control

June 24, 2024
Christopher Winstead says traits that are important for control firefighters to possess include experience, knowledge, determination, independence, accountability and command ...
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Photo 1: When a fire service TIC switches to low sensitivity, a loss of image clarity can occur in the cooler regions of the image. Note how the rescue manikin that’s in the lower right-hand corner of the image is clearly visible to the TIC in high-sensitivity mode (left) but is less so to the TIC in low-sensitivity mode (right).
Thermal Imagers

TIC Usage & Victim Identification

April 10, 2023
Andrew Starnes warns of the potential of misinterpretation and failure on the fireground if firefighters aren't schooled on thermal imager usage for search operations during live...
Ryan Mancini, MassLive (TNS)
Harvard Fire Department firefighter and drone operator Robert Curran receives the TEAM Award from Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr.

MA Firefighter Honored for Using Drone to Reunite Family and Dog

March 28, 2023
Harvard Fire Department firefighter Robert Curran received the District Attorney’s Team Excellence and Merit Award for helping a Devens family reunite with their beloved pup.
Oswego Fire Department/Facebook
The Oswego Fire Department also used the thermal imaging drone technology to strategically direct water from its aerial master streams to the seat of the fire.

NY Department Uses Drone to Put Out Stubborn Fire

March 15, 2023
The City of Oswego Fire Department used a drone to spray water on a commercial building fire after firefighters were forced to exit the building.
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Operations & Training

Thousands of Pounds of Onions Burn Along FL Highway

Dec. 19, 2022
Ocala firefighters had their eyes and hands full with the 6,000 pounds of onions burning.
Photo by Joseph Sperber
Ladder rescues require coordination with outside teams, to ensure that a ladder is at the window by which you and the victim will exit if you didn’t enter the room through the window.
Operations & Training

Truck Tactics: Search With a Purpose

Sept. 12, 2022
Sean Eagen recounts the Buffalo, NY, Fire Department's efforts to remove four victims from a residential fire to explain the keys to a truck company's approach to search.