Thermal Imaging Camera

MSA has introduced the Evolution 6000 thermal imaging camera, designed to make thermal imager use easier, faster, lighter and more intuitive. New and enhanced features of the advanced and rugged thermal imaging camera include best-in-class image quality, light weight, laser pointer and range finder, integrated video and picture capture and integrated wireless video transmission system.


ELKHART BRASS’ Cobra EXM monitor is now available with 1,500-gpm capabilities. The monitor was designed for ultimate efficiency and performance with diverse capability offerings to meet any application need. It features 1,250-gpm and 1,500-gpm options with less friction loss than competitive monitors and is geometrically optimized for deck gun and aerial applications. Standard and severe-duty application options are available, as is the EXM Control Technology Package. Easy-to-use, two-way controls allow wired or wireless operation.

Firefighter Shirt

ELBECO INC. has introduced the Elbeco Job Shirt, offering the natural comfort and protection against the cold of a firefighter job shirt with innovative features for equipment storage, functionality and performance. The shirt features long-lasting shape and color retention, choice of self collar or twill collar (in photo) and a pocket with an attached D-ring to secure keys and other valuables. It can fit almost any individual body size/type and is augmented in the collar and elbows with Tek2 fabric for fluid repellency and durability.


STREAMLIGHT’s rechargeable and portable E-Flood LiteBox HL is a high-lumen floodlight that delivers maximum illumination, ranging from 3,600 lumens for two hours on high, to 1,200 lumens for eight hours on low. The light uses six C4 LEDs and six wide pattern reflectors to produce a wide, uniform flood pattern. Ideal for lighting scenes and other large areas, the lantern offers two selectable beam widths and three intensity modes, and recharges with any Streamlight LiteBox charger.

Cable Reel

HANNAY REELS has introduced the ECR1600 cable reel, offering a live connection of power cable for direct wiring to a collector ring assembly with an electric rewind and switch and solenoid. The reel is designed for use on rescue vehicles for power tools, electric cable and other uses that require a safe, continuous current during cable payout and rewind. Smooth operation and minimum cable pull cuts down attack time so users can save lives even faster. The reel can be customized to fit on any vehicle.

Firefighting Goggles

FORESTRY SUPPLIERS INC. offers the lightweight, low-profile ESS FirePro FS goggle, optimized for wildland firefighting. The goggle’s compact frame is designed for maximum peripheral vision and minimal interference with helmets. The ESS Speed-Clip allows for rapid strap adjustment, and the full-perimeter ventilation and filtration system minimizes lens fogging while filtering airborne particles. Durable, anti-microbial OpFoam face padding ensures comfort for hours of extended use. The extra-thick, 2.8-mm ballistic polycarbonate lenses provide distortion-free optics and 100% UVA/UVB protection, plus they feature ClearZone FlowCoat lens treatments.

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