Head Rush Technologies Announces Launch of TRUBLUE Professional

April 16, 2024
The new brand offers a fall protection system for industrial training applications at height, including firefighter emergency training.

Louisville, CO – April 16, 2024 – Head Rush Technologies (Head Rush), the original manufacturer of the best-selling TRUBLUE Auto Belay, is expanding into the industrial market. Operating under the name TRUBLUE Professional, the new brand offers a fall protection system for industrial training applications at height, including firefighter emergency training and lineman training.

After its launch in 2009, TRUBLUE quickly became a favorite amongst climbing gyms, FECs, and adventure parks. For several years, it has been the market leader in global recreational auto belay sales, with over 50,000 devices sold. Based on typical climbing industry usage rates, TRUBLUE Auto Belays are now responsible for belaying over one billion climbs annually. 

While TRUBLUE Climbing will continue to operate in the recreational and amusement industries, the new TRUBLUE Professional brand is setting its sights on a variety of industrial fall protection applications. Early adoption of the TRUBLUE iQ in industrial training facilities has been received with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

“With TRUBLUE there were two things that stood out to me as opposed to the way that I did it before, which were safety, number one, and then efficiency,” says Wyatt Koeniger, an Engineer at the Arvada Fire Department with 23 years of experience. “We use the TRUBLUE system on victim removal from windows via ladders, without ladders, self-rescue, and candidate testing. We use it anytime a rescuer needs a safety device as a belay.”

Unlike a traditional human belay or alternative fall protection systems, TRUBLUE iQ provides consistent tension on the safety line as a trainee climbs and descends from height. The device also automatically adjusts to changes in speed or direction, so that there is never too much or too little slack in the system. This key design feature allows for more realistic industrial training scenarios, as the safety line does not distract from the training exercise, unless something goes wrong.

In the case of an unexpected fall, the patented magnetic braking system within the TRUBLUE iQ immediately activates, safely lowering the fallen trainee to the ground. Training injuries can be very costly to individual workers and their larger departments. By automating the fall protection process, TRUBLUE iQ prevents injuries caused by bad belays, sliding ladders, and human error.

“I don't mind getting hurt saving somebody's life,” says Koeniger. “I don't even mind getting killed saving somebody's life. But jeez, I really don't want to get hurt in training. TRUBLUE helps stop that. Because it works. Because it's safe.”

In April 2024, TRUBLUE Professional will make its first appearance at the FDIC International, North America’s leading firefighter conference. TRUBLUE Professional will also be on display at the International Linesman Rodeo in October. For more information on the use of TRUBLUE Professional in firefighter training exercises, visit headrushtech.com/fire


About Head Rush Technologies 
Based in Louisville, Colorado, Head Rush Technologies is an engineering company and manufacturer of premium safety equipment for activities at height. For over a decade, it has been the preferred auto belay device for recreational climbing applications globally. TRUBLUE Professional uses that same technology to provide safer, more efficient, and more realistic training experiences for workers at height. More information is available at www.headrushtech.com.

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