Watch: Sayreville, NJ, School Bus Bursts into Flames

May 15, 2024
The bus driver and first responders quickly sprang into action to bring the students to safety and put out the fire.

A school bus in Sayreville, NJ, burst into flames on Tuesday.

Witnesses told CBS New York that the bus driver's quick action got everyone off the bus safely.

Jorge Vazquez, a parent who was picking up his son at the bus stop, noticed smoke and flames coming from the bus engine.

He alerted the bus driver, who sprang into action.

Vasquez told CBS New York that the bus driver quickly decided to take all the kids out of the vehicle and was impressed with how calm she was.

"She gave accurate and simple instructions, and the kids were able to acknowledge and understand what was happening."

Sayreville first responders quickly responded and put the fire out.

The heat from the flames damaged power lines and a neighbor said the siding on her house melted. 

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