Update: NC FFs Rescue 15 Workers from 5-Alarm Construction Site Fire

May 18, 2023
During a press briefing, the Charlotte Fire Department said it also rescued two of their own who had called maydays during the event.

The Charlotte Fire Department rescued 15 construction workers from the site of today's 5-alarm fire.

According to WCNC,  one person had to be rescued after becoming trapped atop a crane.

That person was later rescued by Charlotte firefighters and was transported by Medic with non-life-threatening injuries.

Fire Chief Reginald Johnson told reporters that several maydays were called during the fire and two members needed to be rescued.

"As a construction site is open, a lot of wood is exposed, so the fire moved very rapidly," Johnson, adding, " it was a very fast-moving fire, which had high-heat conditions of well over 2,000 degrees."       

More than 90 firefighters responded to the South Park Mall area  south of Charlotte, following the initial calls, which came in around 9 a.m.

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