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JW Fishers are specialists in the design and manufacture of underwater search systems.


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JW Fishers are specialists in the design and manufacture of underwater search systems. Their product line includes hand held and boat towed metal detectors, marine magnetometers, video systems. side scan sonars, sub bottom profilers and scanning sonar. An extensive line of underwater cameras is offered that includes ROVs, towed video, drop video, diver-held camera, and a mini camera. Added to the array of products are acoustic pingers, a pinger receiver, sonar transponder, sonar interrogator, cable tracking system, and a pipe tracker. With over 45 years of industry experience, JW Fishers has established a reputation for supplying high quality, reasonably priced underwater search systems. The newest products to hit the market are the SAR-1 underwater metal detector and the 5th generation Magnetometer, the Proton 5. JW Fishers equipment in use by professional treasure hunters, commercial diving companies, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, search rescue teams and military units worldwide. Each and every product is backed by an Fishers’ unconditional, 2-year warranty.

Products and Press Releases

JW Fishers Mfg Inc.
Tech & Comm

JW Fishers Underwater Metal Detectors Help at Crime Scenes

March 4, 2024
The Pulse 8X and SAR-1 underwater metal detectors have found key evidence.
JW Fishers
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Tech & Comm

Alaska State Troopers Put JW Fishers' Side Scan Sonar Systems to Work

April 11, 2023
The sonar system is a perfect fit for the troopers, who conduct more than 450 search and rescue operations each year.
JW Fishers
Tech & Comm

Detectives Use JW Fishers’ Pulse 8X to Find Murder Weapon

Nov. 29, 2022
A double-barreled shotgun was found submerged in the Río Elqui River Wetlands with its ammunition still loaded.
Simulated drowning victim
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Product of the Day: Side Scan Sonar

Sept. 23, 2020
JW Fishers side scan sonars are routinely used in search and recovery operations by law enforcement agencies and military units worldwide.
Jw Fishers Mfg
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Product of the Day: JW Fishers Mfg., Inc.-- SCAN-650 Sector Scanning Sonar

Sept. 5, 2019
Sector Scanning Sonar is an ideal tool for underwater search because it produces a "picture" of the underwater environment regardless of the water visibility.