Eagle Protect and Compliant Technologies Shake Hands on Glove Distribution

March 28, 2024
Compliant will be the preferred distributor of Eagle Protect protective gloves in the Public Safety sector.

South Lake Tahoe, CA (March 5, 2024) -- Eagle Protect, a South Lake Tahoe CA company that distributes protective gloves across multiple U.S. industries where glove-wearing is mandatory, has appointed Lexington KY-based company, Compliant Technologies, to be their preferred distributor in the Public Safety sector.

Steve Ardagh, founder and CEO of Eagle Protect, says “We’re thrilled to find a like-minded partner across the Public Safety sector who can take our world-leading quality standards to jurisdictions across America.

“The many challenges law enforcement officers face, including the flood of Fentanyl, call for superior-quality gloves made from the best materials,” says Ardagh. “Our new relationship with Compliant Technologies, a 100% veteran-owned business, will advance our mission of eliminating low-quality gloves that also flood America.”

Jeff Niklaus, founder and CEO of Compliant Technologies, emphasizes, “Our commitment lies in safeguarding the well-being of our Corrections, EMS, Police, and Military personnel who bravely serve our nation.” He further explains, “We prioritize offering only the finest, rigorously tested products to our agencies. That’s why we’ve partnered with Eagle Protect.”

Niklaus expressed his gratitude, stating, “We’re honored and privileged to be working with this esteemed company, renowned for producing top-of-the-line Fentanyl gloves.” He underscores the importance of quality and 3rd party random testing stating, “Compromising on excellence when dealing with hazardous substances poses an unacceptable risk. Our dedicated men and women, tirelessly working to ensure our safety, are invaluable not only to their agencies but to their families and our nation as a whole.”


Compliant Technologies offers non-lethal alternatives in law enforcement situations in its core business. Their new technology CD3 (Conductive Distraction and De-escalation Devices) is designed to lower liability, lessen risk, and create a more amiable atmosphere between the general population and those who protect and serve communities.

Eagle Protect is the first global B Corp-certified PPE supplier and the only U.S. glove supplier to conduct proprietary third-party glove testing analysis of their range of Eagle gloves, to ensure consistent performance and wearer protection. 

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