Infinity X1 Introduces New 5000 Lumen Dual Power Focusing Flashlight

Feb. 19, 2024
Rechargeable or dry cell battery powered flashlight can also charge other devices.

The new Infinity X1 5000L Dual Power Focusing Flashlight is designed to do more than illuminate the dark and is packed with practical features at a price that is unmatched by the competition. The innovation built into the flashlight begins with its power source. To help reduce battery waste, while ensuring the light is always operational in an emergency, the Infinity X1 5000L Dual Power Focusing Flashlight comes with two power cores. One core is a rechargeable battery, and one is for dry cell batteries. The flashlight can be operated using either the rechargeable core or nine AA batteries (9 AA Duracell batteries included).

Powerfully bright, the Infinity X1 5000L Dual Power Focusing Flashlight can be operated in low, medium, or high beam modes, and can be adjusted from a focused narrow spotlight beam to a wide flood beam by twisting the head of the flashlight. The light has a beam distance of up to 180M and a run time of up to five hours. A patent-pending safety heat lock turns the flashlight off when the lens is covered, preserving battery life, and ensuring the flashlight does not power on and overheat in a tent or backpack. 

Additional features include indicator lights showing remaining battery power, a smart memory feature that recalls the last used power setting, and an attachment point on the base of the flashlight so it can be tied or attached to a carabiner for easy transport. The flashlight has two USB-C ports, one for recharging the light and one that can be used to power other devices using the 2500 mAh rechargeable battery core that can double as a portable power bank. The flashlight comes with a USB-C to USB-A charging cable. 

The Infinity X1 5000L Dual Power Focusing Flashlight is crafted from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. It weighs 2.2 pounds and measures 12.6 by 2.2 inches. 

The Infinity X1 5000L Dual Power Focusing Flashlight is now available in Costco warehouse locations nationwide for $29.99 and online at for $39.99.


About Infinity X1

Infinity X1 is passionate about inventing products that will help consumers bridge the gap to a rechargeable future, while providing high-tech functionality and portable power. Our goal is to reduce our impact to the environment by keeping single-use batteries out of landfills and reducing packaging waste. To do this we have spent years studying portable power and the human interaction with portable lighting.  What we have developed is the first smart portable lighting products designed for everyday use in the outdoors and around the home. Infinity X1 products lead the way. Visit to learn more.

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