In Quarters: Fire Station 88, Riviera Beach, FL

Jan. 5, 2024
At 30,981 sq. ft., the two-story, four-bay, drive-thru Station 88 is divided into climate air-balanced zones to minimize cross-ventilation of airborne volatile contaminants.

This facility received the Career 1 Bronze Award in the 2023 Firehouse Station Design Awards. Find the full list of winners here.

The city of Riviera Beach’s Fire Station 88 was delivered through a collaborative partnership that shares a common goal of providing a supportive space through a health-first approach for first responders. Addressing risk factors, including exposure to carcinogens, mental health, post-traumatic stress disorder and sleep deprivation, the facility sets a responder-centric safety and health standard for the city and surrounding communities.

At 30,981 sq. ft., the two-story, four-bay, drivethru station is divided into climate air-balanced
zones to minimize cross-ventilation of airborne volatile contaminants. Returning from a call, firefighters proceed through a decontamination room that’s equipped with boot and equipment wash, gear extractors and personal showers before they enter the living environment. A second air-balanced vestibule provides direct apparatus bay access from the living quarters.

Living quarters offer mental and physical wellness rooms that include energy pods, cycling detox saunas, a physical conditioning room, a day lounge and a large community kitchen. Circadian rhythm LED lighting promotes natural sleep cycles and relaxation. A zoned alert system that has ramp-up tones and light signals is designed to wake only those who respond and to reduce stress on the heart.

A three-story training tower facilitates on-site training activities and provides entry to the roof for easy access to rooftop equipment. Elements of the tower’s design protect sensitive equipment while creating visual appeal.

Because of its coastal location, the station is structurally hardened to withstand a Category 5 storm and includes a 100-percent building-backup generator. The station’s floor elevation is above the FEMA-designated 500-year flood plain and is designed for a life cycle of at least 50 years.

Fire Station 88 is the first project in the city’s infrastructure-improvement program. Highly visible to the community along a main city intersection, the station features a prominent 9/11 memorial. Exterior design elements communicate a “reimagined Riviera Beach,” which promotes the station as an essential community building.

Architect/Firm Name: Currie Sowards Aguila Architects

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