In Quarters: Raleigh, NC, Fire Station No. 6

April 27, 2022
Raleigh Fire Station No. 6 is two stories, has an administration office, a spacious kitchen and dayroom, eight cold bunks for crew and two captain bunks.

This facility received the Career 2 Notable Award in the 2021 Firehouse Station Design Awards. Find the full list of winners here

Station No. 6 is Raleigh’s oldest active fire station. The original building, which was built in 1949, was nestled in the heart of one of this traditional southern city’s most prominent historic districts. Its relatively small 5,400 square feet severely limited modern apparatus and personnel accommodations. Although the neighbors have little affinity to the “industrial aesthetics” of the old structure, numerous community design charrettes proved that the neighbors take great pride and even ownership in the presence of the fire department in their community. The neighbors wanted a new station that reflects the historic nature of the community; the Raleigh Fire Department wanted to preserve some of the elements that were found in the nearly 70-year-old original station.

Designing a station that’s nearly three times larger than its predecessor required much articulation of the façades. The building form, materials, masonry details and other characteristics were selected to complement the historic neighborhood.

The new station is two stories. It has an administration office, a spacious kitchen and dayroom, eight cold bunks for crew and two captain bunks. Two bifold bay doors were installed for quicker response time. Station No. 6 is equipped with a solar hot water reheat system.

Numerous items were salvaged from the original station and used in the new station, including brick and hardwood floors, the fire pole and decorative door hardware.

The small site created many challenges, including 15 feet of grade change, very old specimen hardwood trees that were preserved and a shared property line with a prominent, historic residence.

After completion, Station No. 6 added a new tiller ladder company to the engine company. The station earned LEED Silver.     

Architect/Firm Name: Stewart-Cooper-Newell Architects

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