Lowe’s Hometowns Renovations Includes Nine First Responder Facilities

June 27, 2024
The facilities are part of 100 community-nominated revitalization projects that have been selected as part of this year's program.

Today, Lowe's Hometowns announced the 100 community-nominated revitalization projects that have been selected as part of this year's program, including nine first responder facilities. Now in its third year, Lowe’s Hometowns is continuing its five-year, $100 million investment to restore and rebuild community spaces across America.

With 2024 projects spanning 88 communities across 44 states and Washington, D.C., Lowe’s is devoting $10 million in grants to address critical community needs — from veterans' services to safe, affordable housing and food security.

Renovations for first responder facilities include: 

  • Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, Charlotte, North Carolina - $40,000
    Renovations and upgrades through Lowe's Hometowns will help transform the current lobby into a one-stop resource center for individuals to successfully transition back into the community and connect to wrap-around services and support.
  • Laurys Station Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, Laurys Station, Pennsylvania - $92,000
    As a second home to many members, the renovation through Lowe's Hometowns will create an even more welcoming space for volunteers who choose to selflessly serve their community. 
  • Milton Volunteer Fire Department, Milton, West Virginia - $142,000
    Renovations through Lowe's Hometowns will include new flooring, wall coverings, acoustic ceilings in the restrooms, a concrete parking area and new storage room for the fire department. 
  • Scotland Volunteer Fire Department, Scotland, Connecticut - $30,000
    The Lowe's Hometowns grant will provide brand-new bunkrooms that allow for the volunteers to have privacy while serving their shifts. An office relocation and full kitchen renovation will create a comforting space to foster connection among volunteers. 
  • Silver Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Wilson, North Carolina - $70,000
    Through Lowe's Hometowns, upgrades to the facility plumbing, electrical, new appliances, windows and paint will boost morale and offer an elevated space so that the department can continue to serve the community. 
  • Spelter Volunteer Fire Department, Spelter, West Virginia - $30,000
    Through Lowe's Hometowns, Spelter Volunteer Fire Department will renovate the facility's common room, kitchen, sleeping quarters and gym. Flooring, ceilings and paint will also be updated throughout the facility to create a more comfortable space for the hard-working volunteers. 
  • Stanley Fire Department, Owensboro, Kentucky - $35,000
    Through Lowe's Hometowns, new bathroom fixtures, flooring, paint, appliances and furniture will be added to the much-used space. These improvements will create a more comfortable and accessible facility for volunteers and the broader community to use for events and training.
  • Undercliff Volunteer Fire Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - $160,000
    Through Lowe's Hometowns, the station will be renovated, including ceiling work, refreshed walls, electric work, doors, heating units, stairs and renovations of first and second floor bathrooms. The updates will strengthen the volunteers' and community's sense of pride.
  • Wasilla Police Dispatch Center, Wasilla, Alaska - $21,000
    Through Lowe's Hometowns, an update to their dispatch center break room will include new cabinets, carpeting, appliances and furniture. The renovation will add a bright spot for a hard-working department dedicated to serving the community.
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