Single-Gas Monitor

INDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC CORP. offers the Tango TX1 single-gas monitor, featuring a three-year run time and patent-pending DualSense technology that increases user safety, regardless of bump-test frequency, while reducing overall maintenance costs. Its DualSense technology includes two of the same type of sensor for the detection of the same gas, making users 85 times safer than they would be using a typical single-gas monitor. After the battery can no longer support instrument life, it can be replaced for another three years of continuous operation.

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Helmet-Mounted Light

STREAMLIGHT INC. has introduced a bright-red version of its Vantage helmet-mounted tactical light, featuring the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) logo. Streamlight will donate $3 from the sale of each light to the foundation. Powered by C4 LED technology for extreme brightness, both the new red and the existing black Vantage also now feature an improved light output of 115 lumens and 7,000 candela peak beam intensity, and an increased beam distance of 167 meters. The helmet light also features an ultra-bright blue safety taillight that enables firefighters and rescue workers to be seen in smoke-filled rooms, blackout conditions and other emergency situations regardless of which direction the light is shining.

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Combination Air Eject/Auto Eject

KUSSMAUL ELECTRONICS has introduced the Super 30 Air/Electric Combo Auto Eject, Model 091-169-30-120, a 30-amp, 120-volt and 175-psi combination Air Eject and Auto Eject. An air pressure connection is added to the Super 30 Auto Eject, thus in one connection the vehicle is supplied with 30 amps of electric power and an air pressure line to recharge its air brake reservoirs. The air electric connector contains a shutoff valve that is opened when the connector is mated with the Auto Eject. The valve closes when the plug is ejected and retains the air supply.

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Vehicle Engine

CUMMINS INC. has introduced the ISV5.0, a five-liter V8 diesel engine designed to power light- and medium-duty trucks. The ISV5.0 extends Cummins range of clean-diesel engines for North American vehicles and features technology that delivers performance and a low total cost of ownership. The engine fits where a comparable V8 or V10 gasoline engine was previously installed. Multiple front-end accessory drive options handle the common automotive accessories required by a wide spectrum of applications, including the alternator, air compressor, air conditioning compressor and hydraulic pump.

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Portable Area Light

AIR SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL INC. has introduced the Air Light-II portable area light designed for use in any weather. The light produces a pure-white-light illumination brilliance of 6,500 degrees Kelvin enabling true color perception – especially important when working with electrical wiring or in emergency responses where color identification is critical. It extends to height of eight feet for use as a flagger light or to provide light for maintenance or emergency operations. The weather-resistant housing features independent light head controls and a separately controlled flasher warning light.

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Escape Ladder

WERNER CO. has introduced the Werner Fire Escape Ladder, a compact, permanent escape ladder recessed into the interior wall beneath a second- or third-story window to help occupants quickly escape to safety. The ladder is designed for use over any size windowsill and multi-level rooflines. The first-step assistance strap also makes exiting the window more secure, especially for children and the elderly. Heavy duty, heat-resistant nylon webbing secures the grooved, anti-slip rungs. The ladder supports up to 1,200 pounds, letting multiple people escape at the same time.

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