Agile Interoperable Solutions Offers CORE Point Systems for Seamless Integrative Communications

May 23, 2018
AIS announces center point system to scale and provide remote management for its CORE Integrative Communications Technologies.

Sunrise, FL—Agile Interoperable Solutions (AIS),, the leading provider of interoperable communications solutions that enable public and private organizations to achieve seamless connectivity in the most challenging environments, announced the availability of its CORE Center Point system that will allow remote access and control of its CORE and Mobile CORE devices. Specifically, CORE Center Point is a product line extension and was purposely built to enable unique functions and scalability for simpler and even more seamless integrative communications.  The need for CORE scalability was determined through extensive market research, through intensive customer inquiries and competitive research.

The Center Point system is a centrally-located datacenter, higher-level platform designed to provide additional functionality, to connect multiple CORE units together and to simplify the comprehensive service and support systems provided through AIS technologies. The Center Point system provides a remote management capability for all CORE units deployed either in the field or in stationary locations.

“The introduction of the Center Point system is a logical extension of our foundation CORE technologies that have already received overwhelming interest. From the shows we attend, we are seeing enormous response to the life saving, integrative technologies AIS is creating,” said AIS CEO Vernon Guillermo. “Our technologies address the critical communications challenges posed by natural disasters such as hurricanes as well as man-made crises such as active shooter situations and provide seamless, integrative communications solutions that save lives.”

The Center Point system includes a Central Management Console that allows all CORE interfaces to be brought into one simple graphic user interface. 

Center Point Features/Benefits

·         Crypto Server

Incorporating a Crypto in the Center Point allows multiple CORE devices to be connected and maintain encrypted communications.  Crypto is essential for many of the functions such as voice, data, text and file transfer.  The IOS and android applications are built using the Crypto software/server.  It also allows users to use encryption on their devices for their daily communications. 

·         Global Access

·         Scalability, connect multiple units

·         Always encrypted voice communications

·         Encrypted text and file transfer

·         Mass encrypted messaging (SMS)

·         Dedicated high-performance server

·         C4 telecoms switch

·         VPN Server

The VPN provides the first layer of security through an encrypted tunnel that connects multiple devices.  It allows each CORE to have a static IP address that may be reached globally.  The VPN is essential to enable the Bonded LTE feature of CORE.  The VPN provides the ability for easy device startup, deployment, tracking, updating, service and support.

·         Bonded LTE with failover

·         Bonded all Internet sources

·         Call home

·         Location services

·         Mass SMS, SMPP

·         Securing all data transfer

·         Ability to have FNS virtual sim management

·         Static Public IPs

·         Single point setup (Extremely east startup)

·         Simplified service and support

·         Dedicated high-performance server

·         Remote Cellular Gateway Management Server

FNS allows for easy virtual sim management for voice and data on all CORE units.  It provides a potential cost savings to the customer depending on the customer’s need and use case.  Cost savings is realized through the ability to share multiple sims from multiple carriers

·         Remotely managed sims on all units

·         Virtual sim loading

·         Virtual sim management (FNS)

·         Sim library with 600 sims scalable to 24,400 sims

·         SMPP (Enterprise SMS platform)

·         Full XMPP (Chat platform)

·         VRM (Virtual Routing Manager)

·         Remotely control radios across multiple CORE units (WAIS capability, JPS radio networking of ACUs)

·         Dedicated high-performance server

·         Sim array

CORE technologies integrate Landline, Cellular, Radio, Wi-Fi and Satellite communications in a portable, rugged enclosure supporting incident response and command and control functions. CORE, is a complete solution combining hardware, software, mobile applications, and customer-tailored workflows. It represents the state-of-the-art in interoperability systems connecting radio, cellular, satellite, hardline, and Wi-Fi for seamless, efficient, and secure communications between multiple parties/agencies. All AIS CORE products are Band 14 capable, ready to support the FirstNet network roll out as it becomes available. Simply put, CORE saves time and lives!

Specifically, Mobile CORE is a communications hub for vehicle-based applications that integrates bonded multi-channel cellular LTE, WI-FI, GPS, and Land Mobile Radio extension capabilities. 

Mobile CORE advantages include:

Small footprint, easy fit into a vehicle · Native DC power regulated for vehicle use · No moving parts to be affected by vehicle movement · Passively cooled for a wide range of temperatures · 4 cellular LTE Chips · Large coverage area, secure Wi-Fi for bodycams and other devices · Unit embedded GPS tracking · Interconnect points for mobile data units, biometric equipment and other devices · 4 cellular LTE radios on board that can hold sim cards directly in the unit or virtually from the sim library maintained in your data center. · Remote gateway management server to monitor, configure and check in on all gateways reducing maintenance and skill set required onsite to support the units

For more information about the new Center Point system, CORE technologies and Agile Interoperable Solutions and to speak with company officials, please contact Shep Doniger at 561-637-5750 or [email protected].

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