Webinar: How to Select the Right Fire Service Training Management System

June 27, 2024
Discover the key to effective fire service training with this webinar on how to select the right training management system that will help you streamline online and in-person training, simplify documentation, and mitigate risks.

Date: Thursday, June 27, 2024 
Time: 2:00 PM ET / 1:00 PM CT / 11:00 AM PT
Duration: 1 Hour

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Everyone knows in-person training is vital to fire and EMS performance. There are simply too many skills that require hands-on practice — everything from CPR training to forcible entry exams. But there are many concepts that can be effectively taught and reinforced through online coursework. That’s why a successful blended learning program is most effective.

What Should a Training Management System Do?

Don’t miss this webinar as we uncover what training software should do and the right questions you need to ask when searching for a technology provider. We’ll provide an up-close look at the industry’s leading training management system, TargetSolutions, and show how agencies are using this powerful platform to do the following:

  • Deliver online learning content with just a few clicks
  • Supplement and support training done in-person
  • Support scheduling efforts for in-person training
  • Track and document both in-person and online training
  • Eliminate paper-based training processes and filing cabinets
  • Streamline ISO audits and/or other organizational reviews
  • Simplify meeting certification, recertification, and continuing education requirements
  • Mitigate risk by ensuring training is well documented and records are available quickly


Robbi King
Director, Public Sector Solutions Engineer
Vector Solutions

Robbi King spent 27 years in public safety, including 13 years with Camden County, GA, Fire Rescue, where he reached the rank of Assistant Chief. As assistant chief in Camden County, King helped the agency with firefighting, logistics management, and Vector Solutions' training management platform administration. He now serves as the Director of the solutions engineer team with Vector Solutions. 

Matt Shronts
Solutions Engineer
Vector Solutions 

Matt Shronts has been in public safety for more than 23 years, rising through the ranks to fire chief. Throughout his fire service career, he has spent time in numerous positions focusing on training and EMS. His experiences allowed him to utilize the Vector LMS and Check It platforms while learning best practices for improving productivity, recertifications, and data tracking. Matt is still active in the Fire and EMS service and has completed his accreditation as a Chief Fire Officer by the Center for Public Safety Excellence. 

Moderator | Peter Matthews

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