Gallery: Fire Truck Friday - Dec. 8, 2023

Dec. 8, 2023
Take a look at Jeep 4x4 water rescue unit for New Jersey, two 2,500-gallon tankers, a quint designed for auto extrication equipment and a new pumper.

The Mount Ephraim Volunteer Fire Department placed this 2023 E-One Typhoon rescue/pumper, powered by a 450-hp Cummins L9 engine, in service. Features include IMMI SmartDock Gen2 SCBA brackets, ROM shutter doors, a Hale Qmax single-stage 1,500-gpm pump, a 1,030-gallon UPF Poly Tank III water tank, an FRC TGA400 pressure governor, booster reel  and Whelen LED warning light package and traffic advisor.

Toyne built this tanker on a Freightliner M2 106 2-door chassis for the Ventura, IA, Fire Department and it is the third Toyne apparatus delivered to this department. The rig is equipped with a Waterous Portable 3030 LE Kubota 24.5 pump and Deep Sea 3110 pressure governor, a 2,300-gallon UPF tank, has an Akron 3462 Forestry Monitor on the front bumper and a hydraulic Zico Porta-Tank rack hold a  2,500-gallon Syntex portable tank.

The St. John’s Fire District on Johns Island, SC, worked with Pierce to design this 107-foot Enforcer quint that is equipped for vehicle rescue and carries battery-powered tools, struts and extrication equipment. The rig has an overall length of 39’ 5.25” with a short wheelbase and carries a 1,500-gpm Hale pump and 1,500-gpm tank. 

Sutphen built this tanker for the Warren Township Fire Department in South Bend, IN, on a Sutphen Monarch heavy-duty custom chassis with a SWT-04A STS Wet Side Tanker body with 76 cu. ft. compartment space. Fire suppression features include a 2,500-gallon tank, a Waterous 1,500-gpm CSU pump, 20-gallon foam cell, seven discharges, including two pre-connects, and has Whelen and FR emergency warning and scene lights and a traffic advisor. Click here for more.

The Borough of Seaside Park, NJ, Volunteer Fire Department placed this water rescue unit in service built on a Jeep 4x4. It carries surf rescue equipment, a rescue board, ropes and has Rigid LED lights and a Trail FX front cable winch. 

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