FL Firefighter Threatened Online after Snapchat Video

June 21, 2019
A Glades County firefighter told police he received social media threats following an online video in which he allegedly complains about responding to a crash in the rain.

A Florida firefighter has been receiving threats on social media after he was accused of making disparaging comments in an online video about needing to respond to a crash in the rain.

“Why do we have to go out in the rain?” Glades County firefighter Robert "Bobby" Sarazen is heard allegedly saying in the video, which was posted to Snapchat on Monday. He and other firefighters were responding to an accident in LaBelle.

"I don't wanna go to that. It’s raining too hard. I don't wanna get wet," he added.

On Tuesday, Sarazen filed a report about the social media threats with the Hendry County Sheriff's Office, WZVN-TV reports. Sheriff Steve Whidden, however, told the TV station that there is no immediate threat to Sarazen.

"The sad reality is when you make your own bed sometimes you have to lay in it," he said.

 When asked by WZVN if any actions were being taken against Sarazen, the Glades County Public Safety director said: "It is in the process of being handled. It will be taken care of."