Three NM Firefighters Charged with Rape

Aug. 31, 2023
Two Albuquerque firefighters were placed on leave while the other retired.

Three Albuquerque firefighters are charged with raping a woman at a condominium complex earlier this summer. 

Two were placed on leave after the July incident while the other retired, KRQE reported. 

The victim spent the day with two Angel Portillo, 32, and Anthony Martin, 44, at a golf tournament. Later, they went to Martin's apartment complex where they went swimming.

Heyman joined the trio at the pool. Later, they went to Martin's residence where they allegedly held her down and took turns raping her, the station reported referring to the charging document.

The victim was able to climb out of a bathroom window and was found by another resident, who called the police.

All three have been charged with criminal sexual penetration in the second degree. Portillo and Heyman have been placed on administrative leave; Martin recently retired

The fire department released the following statement: “We were made aware of APD’s criminal investigation in July and took immediate steps to launch an internal investigation to determine if the employees violated AFR policies. The three employees were immediately placed on administrative leave. The allegations were alarming, and we determined a thorough investigation was necessary to determine the facts. We are fully cooperating with APD investigators and treat these allegations seriously. Now that criminal charges have been filed in court, we will respect the judicial process and refrain from commenting on details of the case.”