With 11 a.m. Start, Roswell, GA, Firefighters Can Skip Setting Alarm

May 17, 2024
The new 48/96 shifts also will allow firefighters to enjoy 26 four-day weekends.

Roswell firefighters won't have to set their alarms to make sure they're on time for shifts -- at least for now.

The new start time on the 48/96 shift is 11 a.m.. 

The unusual schedule was established to promote firefighters' physical and mental health, fire officers told 11 Alive reporters. 

The pilot shift will last six months, and will be measured using data from medical physicals, operational efficiency, and job satisfaction among firefighters and their families.

Prolonged sleep deprivation is a factor in a number of maladies including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and mental health disorders like PTSD and anxiety.

In addition to the late start time, firefighters will have 26 four-day weekends annually instead of the 18 two-day they get now. 

Roswell Fire Chief explained: "The health, safety, and quality of life of our firefighters are paramount. We anticipate that this new initiative will improve our team's mental and physical health outcomes, which are essential for maintaining high levels of service to our community." 

The mayor also is on board with the new schedule

"This is a significant step forward in our commitment to the health and well-being of our first responders. By adopting the 48/96 work schedule, we are enhancing our firefighters' quality of life and improving the safety and efficiency of our fire services," Roswell Mayor Kurt Wilson said in support of the initiative. 


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