Fallout after Erroronous Death Declaration Continues in Springfield Township, OH

May 10, 2024
The assistant chief was demoted by township officials after he failed to conduct a thorough investigation after medics pronounced an alive woman dead.

The fallout at Springfield Township Fire Department continues months after two paramedics mistakenly pronounced a woman dead.

Township officials have demoted Assistant Chief David Moore from any leadership position, WTOL reported.

The move came after an attorney determined Moore "failed to conduct a thorough or sufficient investigation into what happened."

The probe was ordered after Paramedics Aiden Yoon and William Fordyc declared a woman dead on Jan. 2, 2024. 

After they left, an official at the scene realized she was alive.

Both medics were fired. 

Fire Chief Barry Cousino, who remains on administative leave, was out of state on vacation. Town officials say he didn't provide Moore with any guidance. 

“As we’ve continued to investigate this terrible situation, our focus is on learning what went wrong and taking steps to correct those issues immediately,” Board of Trustees Chair Andy Glenn said. “While the Assistant Chief didn’t receive any guidance or instructions from the fire chief, he was still expected to lead the department. His investigation and leadership after the incident were nowhere near good enough.



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