Fort Worth, TX, Fire Department Takes over MedStar

May 22, 2024
The transition of the 450 MedStar employees into the fire department will be seamless, Fire Chief Jim Davis said.

The Fort Worth Fire Department is taking over MedStar.

The longtime EMS provider is being dissolved and employees will now be part of the fire department.. 

Fort Worth Fire Chief Jim Davis says it’s his mission to make the transition seamless. 

"I want to make sure the clear message sent to everyone is that the public should see no disruption in any way shape or form in service delivery. We are honored that they would trust us with the responsibility," he told Fox4. 

"It’s not 450 new employees to public safety. It’s just 450 new employees embedded into the city of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Fire Department to provide under the city’s umbrella instead of a third-party service provider of MedStar."

Paramedics are set to be members of the Fort Worth Firefighters Union. Its president, Michael Glynn, spoke before the council Tuesday. 

"I don’t miss how big of a day this is for the city of Fort Worth and the fire department. This is a big change," he said.



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