July 15, 2009
The Telesquirt mounted on this quint was originally mounted on 1369, a 1966 Clintonville FWD 750 GPM pumper. 1365 sports the departments first fully enclosed jump cab and first 1250 GPM pump. Powered by a Detroit Diesel in front of an Allison automatic transmission it carries 400 gallons of water in its booster tank with ease. 1365's main mission is as the first due engine on structure fires. It does the evolutions of both an engine company and a ladder company at most of these fires. At rural scenes 1363 supplies 1365 with water via five inch hose. In areas with hydrants 1365 can lay up to 600 feet of its own five inch supply line to the fire. Attack lines include two preconnected 150 foot 1 � inch lines and one preconnected 150 foot 2 � inch line. Extra attack lines including a 150 foot 1 � inch high rise pack and 600 feet of 2 � inch hose are available on this piece of apparatus.

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