Marine 9

July 15, 2009
Marine 9 is a 32 foot Baja boat, with twin Mercury 225 off-shore engines. It is equipped for marine firefighting, structural firefighting and is an ALS response unit. Marine 9 is equipped with a 400 gpm Hale pump, 150' 2 1/2" supply hose, 2 150' 1 1/2" attack lines, a repeater system, and other various firefighting tools. Marine 9 can carry up to ten personnel, and can transport up to four patients with six personnel. Marine 9 is owned by Lake Mitchell Home Owners and Boat Owners Association and is operated by East Chilton Fire Department. Marine 9 serves the population of Lake Mitchell in Chilton County and Coosa County. For more info. on Marine 9 please visit and click on the fire/rescue boat link.

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