Squad 4

July 15, 2009
This vehicle was custom designed by our members to utilize virtually every square inch of available storage space while still leaving enough room to safely and comfortably transport three medics to an incident. This unit utilizes 30 plus strobe, LED and incandescent emergency warning lights and to make sure our electrical system is operating at peak performance - there is an on-board electrical system monitor and automatic engine idler. Contained securely inside the rear cabinetry is two full length backboards, a "C" Collar Kit, Traction splint, folding stair chair, KED, our jump kit with O2, three spare O2 cylinders, a BVM kit, and our Laerdal AED unit with spare battery. Additional compartments behind the drivers seat and rear passenger seat provide storage for items such as a basic first aid kit, pillows and blankets, splints, spare boxes of gloves, disinfectants, "bio-bags" our "Pedi-Bears" and other items. Up front, protecting the truck's vitals, is a custom triple chromed - stainless steel grill guard / push bar combo. In the rear, in addition to the standard back-up alarm, this vehicle also has a series of sonar style backup sensors that warns the driver of rearward obstructions.

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