Hot Shots 10/11

Sept. 13, 2011

CAJON PASS, CA, SEPT. 2, 2011 – A vegetation fire started in the center divider of Interstate 15, the main highway for travelers between Southern California and Las Vegas, NV, the Colorado River and other destinations. The fire started about 1½ miles from the top of the Cajon Pass, jumped the southbound lanes and was burning up hills and into the high-desert community of Oak Hill just west of Hesperia. The fire, fed by fuels that had not burned in a long time, roared into and around expensive homes and only the hard work by crews from the San Bernardino County Fire Department, the U.S. Forest Service and dozens of engines from various cites kept the fire away from homes, although two of them were badly damaged and numerous animals were lost at one ranch. Hundreds of firefighters supported by helicopters and air tankers, including the huge DC-10, fought for six hours before nightfall lowered the temperature and wind. The fire was fully contained three days later. Two firefighters were taken to a hospital. At the height of the fire, the California Highway Patrol shut down the entire interstate for hours, stranding thousands of travelers.

AMHERST, NY, AUG. 29, 2011 – A motorist intentionally drove his vehicle into the front of the Main-Transit Fire Department’s Fire Station 1, causing an estimated $1 million in damage to the building and three pieces of apparatus.

TAYLOR, MI, DATE TO COME – Safety checks and a walk-through were conducted before a training burn was held at a house. After the fire was set, a family of raccoons came out of a second-floor window. Heavy fire vented through the roof. All the animals were removed from the roof and headed to nearby woods.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES, CA, AUG. 29, 2011 – A man was pulled lifeless by firefighters from a swimming pool and was given a fighting chance of survival thanks to Los Angeles Fire Department teamwork. In the photo, firefighters climb out of the pool after handing off the victim to other firefighters (background) who work on the victim.

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