Eighty Evacuated in Virginia Fire at VA Hospital

March 11, 2009
Eighty people, which included disabled vets, were evacuated.

It was a scary scenario on March 9 around 1100 hours when fire erupted in McGuire Veteran's Hospital at 1201 Broad Rock Blvd in Richmond.

Eighty people, which included disabled vets, were evacuated as the fire esculated into a two alarmer.

Responding on the first alarm were Quints 23, 17, 21, Engine 22, Rescue 2 and Battalion 3. The second alarm dispatched Engine 13, Quint 20, Rescue 1, Rescue 3 and Battalion 2.

Richmond Ambulance Authority provided EMS support and assisted with rehab for the firefighters.

"Firefighters initially responded for an alarm activation," said Lt. Shawn Jones, PIO, "and that's when fire was discovered in a laundry room."

Jones said no injuries were reported. "The sprinklers did their job," Jones said.

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