North Carolina Firefighters Deliver Food, Information to Those in Need

Nov. 27, 2008
Volunteers helped deliver food to those who are too poor, sick or frail to prepare their own.


Workers stay busy cooking, slicing and wrapping food at the Friendship Trays headquarters in southwest Charlotte. On Wednesday, Charlotte firefighters became part of the assembly line.

They stepped into the cooler to fetch cold items and stood in line to get bags of hot meals.

Lucy Carter, the executive director of Friendship Trays, said volunteers deliver 725 meals every day to people in Charlotte who are too poor, too sick or too frail to prepare their own.

"For many of them, it's the only meal they get during the day, so they're relying on the nutrition as well as the check on their well being," she said.

Carter said the Charlotte Fire Department approached her and asked how it could help. Thats what led to firefighters delivering meals on many of the 87 regular routes the day before Thanksgiving.

The firefighters delivered not only food, but also potentially life-saving information.

"This is for home fire safety, OK?" one firefighter told a Friendship Trays recipient.

Friendship Trays is the official Meals on Wheels organization in Charlotte. It needs 100 volunteers every day to deliver its meals. If you can help, visit Friendship Trays.

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