Ohio Plow Driver Saves Woman from Fire

Nov. 21, 2008
The victim is in serious condition at Akron General Hospital with burns on her face, arms and legs.


A Jackson Township snow plow driver is being called a hero after he helped save a woman from a burning home.

Jerry Valentine was clearing streets early Tuesday morning when he saw smoke and jumped into action.

The victim is in serious condition at Akron General Hospital with burns on her face, arms and legs.

Being a plow driver for 33 years, Valentine is trained to keep his eyes on the road and react quickly.

"I've seen accidents where cars have went off the road and I've stopped to assist people, but I've never had to run up to somebody's house that was on fire," he said.

Valentine jumped from his plow, ran to the home and banged on windows, hoping he could get inside.

"The smoke was too overwhelming really for a normal person to try to get into it," Valentine said.

So, he called his dispatcher who called 911. Minutes later, firefighters arrived.

After the fire was knocked down, firefighter Gary Harrison found 38-year-old Christine Habony on the floor, unconscious with no vitals.

Firefighter Tom Ross performed CPR and Habony started breathing.

"I love my job. If you don't do it, you can't explain it. It feels good. It feels good to help people," said Harrison.

Valentine said he doesn't want to be called a hero. He said he just did his part to save a life.

"I just think it's all in a day's work. Something, if you were going by, I'm sure you would stop and do the same thing," he said.

Firefighters also rescued Habony's dog, a Rottweiler that is now at the Start County Humane Society.

A cause of the fire has not been determined but it could be suspicious; the fire chief said it was not a normal fire.

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