Two Teens Die in Arkansas Barn Fire

Feb. 1, 2009
The teens were having a sleepover in the Fayetteville barn.


An early morning fire in Fayetteville killed two teenagers.

Investigators said crews were called to a home on Mission Boulevard Road at about 6 a.m.

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The fire started at a barn on the property and eventually spread to the house. Five neighborhood boys were having a sleepover in the barn, investigators said.

One of the boys realized the barn was on fire and tried to warn the others.

Firefighters said Forrest Turner, 15, and Beau Spencer, 16, didn't get out in time. Both boys were students at Fayetteville High School.

Neighbor Kelly Ayadi said it was a huge fire.

"Trees and branches were popping. There were flames shooting up over the house."

- Kelly Ayadi,Neighbor

"Trees and branches were popping," said Ayadi. "There were flames shooting up over the house."

She said she wasn't staying at her house because there was no electricity. She wishes she had been able to do more to help.

"It would have been better if it were our house," she said. "They're good people."

"I saw these flames going way up in the air," said Jeannette Laningham. She said she first thought the fire was part of the aftermath of the ice storm.

"I thought, well, the ice is melted," she said. "Why would the (branches) be falling off the trees?"

She said she heard about the fatalities at church Sunday morning.

"I felt bad," she said. "I was really saddened by that."

Investigators were at the scene all day Sunday but have not said what started the fire.

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