Family Rescued From Ohio House Fire

July 25, 2008
Fire crews battled a house fire Thursday morning in Mount Auburn.


Fire crews battled a house fire Thursday morning in Mount Auburn.

The fire broke out shortly after 11:30 a.m. at a home in the 2200 block of Burnett Street near Helen Street.

Firefighters had to help several family members, including an elderly woman in a wheelchair, out of the second floor of the three-story home.

"I came through the back of the house and the fire department threw me out," said Bobby Stevenson, Jr., whose mother was inside when he returned to find their home ablaze. "(She's) paralyzed on the left side of her body and, oh, the thoughts that run through your head, man."

Fire crews battling the flames were pulled out when a flashover occurred, but once the flames died down firefighters brought the occupants to safety.

"Carrying an invalid from the third floor down under heavy, smoky conditions with fire lines running up the stairs is arduous beyond belief," said district one Fire Chief Steve Phillips.

The elderly woman was taken to a hospital as a precaution, but no injuries were reported.

"I done had a real good life in this house, a real good life," said Stevenson, who was born in the house. "But I do this type of work, and I'm going to have my house back."

No damage estimate has been provided, and the cause of the blaze remains under investigation.

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