Ohio Father Fights to Save Family from Blaze

May 27, 2008
Fire ripped through a home in Columbiana County early Tuesday morning, killing a woman and her son.


Fire ripped through a home in Columbiana County early Tuesday morning, killing a woman and her son.

Firefighters said Edward Wright fought to save his family. When one son smelled smoke in the living room of their home on St. Clair Avenue, he quickly alerted his dad.

The father came out to see what was wrong and took him right out of the front door, said Tim Walker of the East Liverpool Fire Department.

Wright tried to run back inside the house to save his wife and 6-year-old son, but the flames proved to be too much.

I heard someone yelling for them to get her out and it was the husband hollering. He was a mess. It was horrible, said neighbor Sheri White.

Firefighters said Edwards wife Gianni and their 6-year-old son Zackary were still inside the home in the back bedroom. Before firefighters arrived, Wright tried to get past the flames that were shooting out of the house.

He tried to re-enter. He couldnt get anywhere close to the door. By that time the flames were blowing clear out past the porch, said Walker.

Walker said Wright even grabbed a garden hose to douse the blaze. It was no match for the intense flames and smoke billowing out of the home.

After the fire was under control, firefighters found 28-year-old Gianni Wright and her son dead inside the master bedroom.

Wright and his other son were rushed to a hospital and are recovering from second-degree burns.

Neighbors who witnessed the fire are remembering Gianni Wright and Zackary. Kayla White has special memories of the young mother because she was a youth leader at her church.

Shes really nice. Shes someone you can look up to, White said.

Firefighters said the blaze doesnt appear to be suspicious. The fire marshal is investigating and trying to determine an exact cause.

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