Thieves Steal Pumps, Ladders, Brass from Tiny Texas Firehouse

June 6, 2013
Copper pipes from an air conditioning unit as well as a non-working security alarm also were taken.

Moss Bluff Fire Chief John Wilson is still reeling from what he found when he walked into his rural Texas fire station earlier this week.

“I come in to find the hoods up, the doors open, had the hoses hanging off the trucks,” he told reporters from

Every fire engine and rescue vehicle was stripped of radiators, brass fittings, batteries, pumps, ladders and a generator, the chief said adding that copper wiring was taken from an air conditioning unit and from an non-working alarm system.

He believes all of these items will be sold at scrap yards.

Wilson said it may take a year to replace the items that were taken. “There was no insurance on building to take care of trucks. Everything we do, it’s all volunteer,” he told the reporter.

Nearby fire departments will handle calls in the area.

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Capt. Ken DeFoor with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office said: “For someone to come in and steal from a fire department—who, every single day puts their lives on the line just like the Houston firefighters – it would take a sick mind for someone to come in and do something like this."

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