The Buzz on Technical Rescue: USAR Deployments to Haiti

Jan. 15, 2010

In the inaugural edition of "The Buzz on Technical Rescue," host Bob Duemmel talks with Fred LaFemina, who is the Chief in Charge of Rescue Operations for FDNY.

LaFemina talks about the challenges that USAR teams face when being deployed on an international mission and what guidelines they must meet. Some of the basic challenges the teams face in deployment include equipment, transportation, immunizations and the need for a passport.

He also discusses some of the considerations that teams will face Haiti, such as set up locations, local resources, language barriers and much more. LaFemina talks about his prior experiences to help listeners understand how the command structure and rescue operations will unfold as teams get a better handle on the situation.

The new podcast series, "The Buzz on Technical Rescue," will be a monthly podcast on [email protected]. The host, Rochester, NY, Special Operations Captain Bob Duemmel, will talk with guests from the different branches of technical rescue in each podcast. Stay tuned to The Buzz on Technical Rescue, as we update you on the latest news in the technical rescue field.

Please send any questions, suggestions or comments for this podcast to: [email protected].

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