Sperian Awarded Large SCBA Contract For Southern California Area

Aug. 7, 2008
SMITHFIELD, RI, July 16, 2008 -- Sperian Respiratory Protection and its distributor, L.N. Curtis & Sons, have been awarded the SCBA contract for the Southern California Area Personal Protective Equipment Consortium (SCAPPEC). Sperian will provide SCBAs, SCBA communication components, CBRN PAPRs and other related SCBA items in the three-year contract.

This is one of the largest municipal fire service SCBA orders ever placed in the United States. It comes less than four months after the Warrior received certification to NFPA 1981 and 1982, 2007 Editions.

The SCAPPEC contract was awarded through Los Angeles County and will involve many other fire departments in the greater Los Angeles County area. Approximately 4,200 Sperian Warrior SCBAs and related items will be shipped to these departments over the next 10 months.

The award follows extensive field evaluation and performance tests in which the Sperian Warrior outscored every competing SCBA.

"The cooperation among the fire departments that comprise SCAPPEC makes a statement to the nation about the importance of SCBA interoperability," said Steve Weinstein, Senior SCBA Product Manager for Sperian Respiratory Protection. "These participating departments now have the opportunity to be fully compatible with each other in mutual aid and rapid intervention scenarios".

"This is a tremendous approval by the firefighting community of the integration, reliability, comfort, and safety features of the Warrior," said Jeff Shipley, Warrior Product Manager for Sperian Respiratory Protection. "This was a difficult, complicated, and highly sought-after contract with nationwide visibility; we are very pleased with our Warrior SCBA and honored that SCAPPEC chose it as the product that meets their needs".

"During the field evaluation process, firefighters learned first-hand just how effortlessly the Warrior moved with them, providing a tremendous range of motion and maneuverability. With the Warrior's ergonomics design, a firefighter gains up to 30% forward bending motion, 20% greater hip flexion when crawling and 2 times greater motion when tilting their head back. Additionally, firefighters do not feel the weight of the SCBA pulling on their shoulders".

Throughout the development of the Warrior, firefighters were placed at the center of the design process. "Firefighters told us what they need and want in an SCBA, and we built the Warrior based on this feedback;" said Ed Woo, Vice President and General Manager of Sperian Respiratory Protection. "This was central to our delivering a better SCBA."

For more information, check www.sperianfire.com or phone Jeff Shipley, Warrior Product Manager, at 714 427 5320 or email [email protected]

About Sperian Fire
Sperian Fire is a division of Sperian Protection that features respiratory protection products and protective apparel for the fire service.

About Sperian Protection
With nearly 6,000 employees worldwide, Sperian Protection is the world leader in personal protective equipment (hearing, eye, respiratory and fall protection, gloves, clothing and footwear). The Group offers innovative products adapted to high-risk environments so that all workers in the manufacturing and services industries can work with confidence.

Sperian Protection is listed on Euronext's Eurolist and on the SBF120. It is eligible for the SRD deferred settlement system.

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