WV Fire Chief Sentenced to Jail for Standoff

Nov. 30, 2023
Benwood Fire Chief Garson Taylor will report to jail after Christmas to serve 270 days.

Benwood Fire Chief Garson Taylor convicted of offenses stemming from a standoff with police will report to jail after Christmas.

"I was beyond broken," Taylor told Marshall County Circuit Court Judge Charles Wilson as he pleaded for leniency as he was facing three years of incarceration.

Wilson sentenced Taylor to 270 days in jail.

On April 10, Taylor drove away and refused to surrender to police after a dometic incident He held a weapon and threatened suicide, according to WTRF. 

He was taken into custody after officers shot him with a bean bag and Tasered him. 

Taylor was convicted in October of three misdemeanor charges–brandishing a firearm, fleeing from police, and obstructing an officer.

Prosecutor Joseph Canestraro asked that he be sentenced to three years due to previous conduct which included 'fits.'

Attorney Robert McCoid told the judge that incarceration was not necessary to punish Taylor, who has incurred high legal fees, lost his right to own guns, possibly for life, and is on a mental health registry.

Taylor was recently reinstated as fire chief, a position he lost after the incident. 

He sobbed and recited Bible verses as he addressed the court.