Phoenix Firefighter Crushed Between Vehicles Dies

May 20, 2013
Bradley Harper, 23, had been on the Phoenix Fire Department for two years.

A young Phoenix firefighter, pinned between a fire engine and an ambulance, Saturday night, has died.

Firefighter Bradley Harper. 23, died at St. Joseph's Hospital of his injuries, according to news reports.

Fellow firefighters and police officers flocked to the hospital Saturday night waiting for word on their colleague, reported.

Hours after Harper died, a Phoenix police officer died at the same hospital.

Officer Daryl Raetz was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver.

A joint press conference on the deaths was held Sunday afternoon with Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia and Phoenix Fire Chief Bob Khan speaking. The governor ordered flags to half mast in honor of the fallen heroes. 

The incident involving the firefighter happened at a mulch fire about 5:30 p.m. while the units were trying to pass on a narrow road. 

Officials said the firefighter has been with the department for two years.

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Harper, 23, got caught between an ambulance and a fire truck as the two were trying to pass each other on a narrow road.

Emergency crews were able to rock the ambulance back and forth to free the firefighter, who was then rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

“Tonight, one of the worst imaginable things that you could have happen to one of your firefighters, happened,” said Chief Bob Khan told reporters. "It hits you in the gut. It's like a family member that's gone down. The love you have for the people you work with is not really describable by words; it's just a bond."

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