Hot Shots 9/23

Sept. 11, 2023
Novi, MI, firefighters arrived to find heavy fire throughout the attic space of a 6,600-square-foot, single-family dwelling.

NOVI, MI, JUNE 16—Firefighters arrived to find heavy fire throughout the attic space of a 6,600-square-foot, single-family dwelling. After an initial interior attack, command ordered all companies out and began a defensive strategy. A lack of hydrants in the neighborhood and low water pressure had a significantly negative effect on operations. Eventually, relay pumping and a tanker shuttle were needed to bring the fire under control. A second alarm that was struck during the incident brought companies from four surrounding counties.

Photo by Matt Zmuda

COTTAGE GROVE, WI, JULY 12The Cottage Grove Volunteer Fire Department responded to flames visible at a house. The residence was fully engulfed on arrival of the first of four engines and tenders. A MABAS alarm was called for reinforcements. Six other departments responded. In total, about two dozen members were on scene. The homeowner, who was known to have mental health issues, set numerous fires inside of the house to take his own life. Despite the person being removed from the house and EMS efforts, he died.

Photo by Roger Hamilton

BELLEVILLE, IL, JULY 5The Belleville Fire Department responded to the report of multiple vehicles on fire behind a residence. Crews arrived to find three fully involved vehicles. After the automobiles’ gasoline tanks ruptured, the fire extended to the carport under which two of the vehicles were parked. A shed under the carport caught fire, too. Three attack lines were pulled to extinguish the fire from multiple angles. A portable F500 foam application system was utilized as well. Ten members, including a battalion chief, were on scene.

Photo by Connor Hamilton

WORCESTER, MA, MAY 14Companies attempted to go interior when they arrived at a fire at a typical New England balloon-frame construction, but everyone was pulled out about 20 minutes later. Eight engines, five ladders and a heavy rescue responded. Approximately 60 firefighters were on scene. In addition to rapid extension of fire up the walls into the cockloft, troublesome aspects to knocking down the fire included the rear porches being burned out and an unconventional floor plan. Ultimately, the response went to three alarms.

Photo by Paul Shea

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