Hot Shots 9/23

Oct. 16, 2023
New Bedford, MA, Fire Department firefighters responded for a building fire with fire showing and people trapped.

New Bedford, MA, March 28—New Bedford Fire Department firefighters responded for a building fire with fire showing and people trapped. First-due crews arrived to a heavily involved, four-story apartment building. Occupants were jumping from the top floors. A general alarm was called, which brought all of the department’s apparatus and members as well as eight mutual-aid departments. Heavy fire and hoarding conditions limited access to the top floors. An evacuation was called, and firefighters set up a collapse zone and defensive operations. The fire took about eight hours to contain.

Photo by First Due Media

Pueblo County, CO, Aug. 15—Members of the Pueblo, CO, Rural Fire Protection District attach the tow cable from a tow truck to the axle of the cab of a semitrailer that hangs from a bridge by its trailer on Interstate 25. The very technical and dangerous extrication of the driver was halted until the semitrailer was stabilized. Other agencies that were on scene included the Pueblo City Fire Department, Pueblo County Emergency Services Bureau, Pueblo West Fire Department, Rye Fire Protection District, Flight for Life Colorado and the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Photo by Michael Furney

Toms River, NJ, July 15—The Toms River Fire Department was dispatched for a confirmed working fire in a three-story apartment building. Command quickly struck a second alarm. Multiple 2½- and 1¾-inch handlines were pulled, and master streams were set up. About 30 minutes into the attack on the fire, the evacuation tones were sounded and a personnel accountability report was conducted. All firefighters were accounted for. Mutual-aid companies from the Forked River Fire Department, Jackson Fire District No. 3 and Lakewood Volunteer Fire Department assisted on scene. The cause of the fire wasn’t determined.

Photo by Roman Isaryk

Brooklyn, NY, Aug. 20—FDNY units responded within three-and-a-half minutes to a fire at a corner taxpayer that included a row of nine stores. Most of the businesses were closed at the time of the fire, which required members to carry out aggressive forcible entry through roll-down gates. Fire spread throughout the building via the cockloft before access was gained by firefighters. Ultimately, the fire went to five alarms. More than 200 personnel responded. Ten members were treated for injuries.

Photo by Marc Hermann

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