NE Firefighter Injured in Unusual Car Explosion

Bennet crews responded to a car fire when the vehicle exploded, and the force of the blast sent a volunteer firefighter to the ground.

A Nebraska volunteer firefighter is recovering after he was injured in an unusual car explosion over the weekend.

The incident happened Sunday when a 19-year-old driver became stuck in the mud in Lancaster County, KLKN-TV reports. The teen put a 12-pack of club soda on the car's accelerator and got out to push the vehicle.

That's when the driver became locked out of the car. The vehicle then caught on fire while the teen went to a nearby home for help.

Bennet firefighters arrived at the scene to put out the flames when the car exploded. The force of the blast sent debris through the air and knocked firefighter Chad Peterson to the ground.

"It was some kind of a explosion in the car, probably a combustible metal, and when they go, they go," said Bennet Fire Chief Tim Norris.

Peterson was taken to the hospital with a concussion and bruises. He was later released and is now recovering at home.

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