Bishop Aids Child in Fiery Crash on MD Highway

April 9, 2024
The injured child crawled out of the burning SUV crying for his mother.

Without hesitation, a Virginia bishop and other motorists rushed to help victims after a crash on the Capital Beltway on Monday.

The crash occurred when a dump truck blew a tire. The driver lost control and the vehicle overturned and caught fire after striking an overhead sign. The SUV flipped as well and burned.

"He crawled out of the vehicle (SUV)" Virginia Bishop John Boateng told WJLA..

He was crying 'Mommy, Mommy,' so I took him away from there and I told him 'your Mommy's fine.' All his clothes were burned, his legs were burned, his back was burned also." 

He did his best to encourage the child and keep him calm.

"He was asking me if he was going to die.  And he was crying very bitterly seeking for the mother but the mother was at the time really, really burned."

As harrowing as the situation was, he was inspired by the courage of others at the scene who also did what they could to make a difference.

"It made the country beautiful that in a time of difficulty that we all came together somehow to help each other."

Prince George's County fire and rescue personnel handled the incident. 

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