Panicked Drivers Run out of Boston Tunnel after Fiery Vehicle Crash

May 24, 2024
Motorists abandoned their cars and warned other drivers to flee which caused additional vehicles to catch fire.

A fiery three-vehicle crash in a Boston tunnel Friday afternoon led to panic and chaos.

Several motorists -- not knowing it was a wreck -- jumped out of their own vehicles and ran out of the tunnel, according to WCVB.

Boston police and firefighters said that resulted in additional vehicles catching fire 

"We heard a bunch of loud bangs," Shaunna Lai, who was traveling to Logan Airport, said. "Next thing we know we see... people running toward us out of their cars and saying, 'Get out, get out of here, get out of here' screaming."

"We just basically left our cars open and ran out of there. My two kids and my husband and I got out of there."

Lai said when they got out of the tunnel, more people were still running out. "Next thing we know, we see like complete darkness in there."

Officials said the tunnel would remain closed for several hours Friday night. People headed to the airport should take another route.