Frisco, TX, Firefighters Lose Homes to Tornado

May 28, 2024
Despite having damage at his house in Celina, Firefighter Bo Cross ran to help neighbors.

Four Frisco firefighters were among those who lost their homes to a tornado Saturday night in Celina.

"Before we made it to the pantry, stuff was coming through our attic and into the living room," Frisco firefighter Bo Cross told KDFW. 

Despite having damage to his home, Cross went to help others. 

"Lt. Moore and Capt. Ward were in this rubble of this house pulling people out. People from across the street were calling my wife saying their parents were in the back trapped," remembered Cross.

While the support is plentiful now, the Frisco Fire Association is asking for support for months to come.

"These firefighters are going to need a little bit of help getting down the next couple months. We got a lot of support with manpower, but on down the road we are going to need help money wise to get these guys back in their homes," said Randy Allen with the Frisco Firefighters Association. 

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